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May 9, 2017
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May 23, 2017
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Facility Worksite, Small Business – Basic

$99.00 / month

Small Business edition of Facility Worksite only.


This package includes the Small Business edition of Facility Worksite only.

This package includes:

  • 1 Worksite
  • 100 Locations
  • Projects & Tasks
  • Incident Reports
  • Email notifications
  • SMS notifications

The package components are further described below:

Worksite: A Worksite is the centralized management tool in Facility Worksite containing all current and past work orders for all locations. If you do not want all your internal users to see all work orders (because it might be overwhelming or might not be relevant to them), then you can create separate Worksites and assign different groups of users to each if you opt for the Medium Business or Enterprise edition. A common reason to have more than one Worksite is when there are multiple buildings serviced by different facilities teams or sub-teams, and the teams do not want or need to see work orders related to ones that fall outside their interest or responsibilities.

Location: A Location is any separate space within a Worksite that the user wishes to identify as the target of a work order. A Location could be a building, a floor, an auditorium, a room, a kitchen, an outdoor area, etc. By segmenting a Worksite into separate Locations, you can bring uniformity to work order assignment and tracking, in addition to seeing reports and statistics broken down by Location.

Projects & Tasks: The Projects & Tasks module of Facility Worksite enables the creation and scheduling of work that does not involve any building equipment. Examples of this would include creating tasks for getting tenants to update their insurance information, contacting a vendor, conducting a tenant survey, creating a newsletter, finding a service provider, etc.

Incident Reports: The Incident Reports module of Facility Worksite enables the recording and tracking of incidents that occur at a site for which an official record should be kept. Examples of this would include recording details about accidents, vandalism, break-ins, trespassing, fire alarms, etc.

Notifications: Facility Worksite can be configured to automatically generate notifications via email or text (SMS) messages to specific users for certain events, milestones, or changes in work orders. These notifications are a way to notify users quickly about work orders in which they may be interested or upon which they should act, without requiring those users to log into Facility Worksite to gain such awareness. These notifications can include reminders to responsible parties if work assigned to them does not appear to be getting done. There is also an escalation feature so that if a work order isn’t getting addressed within a configurable amount of time by the first person to whom it is assigned, then the next person within the chain of responsibility is notified.