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Facility Worksite

productmap_icons_v1_FacilityWorksiteFacility Worksite streamlines the day-to-day management of facilities-related activities for a single property or a portfolio of buildings. Any member of a Facilities team, for example, can track all the projects related with the sites at the various stages of completion, associated costs, equipment, the team member responsible, dates, milestones, and related external vendors. External vendors can also be easily added to the platform —as users— so that they can add information directly into the projects and provide updates.

Facility Worksite deploys on BuildingIQ’s 5i platform as a SaaS solution. Administrators have complete access and can view all the projects and/or work orders for a given site, while other user levels can be set to have a more limited access. A user can manually assign a work order to a specific member of the team, or assign automatically based on predetermined rules. Also, the ability to “escalate” and set deadline reminders for projects is possible. Reporting in Facility Worksite is easy. Users can very easily get a feel for who is doing what and how many tasks are being handled at a given time.

Facility Worksite functions in conjunction with BuildingIQ services or standalone. A common use is for organizations that are managing and analyzing their own energy programs to use Facility Worksite and Energy Worksite as a simple, highly effective set of tools to aid productivity.

Download: Facility Worksite datasheet

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Communicator Default View
This area provides an overview of all on-demand and scheduled projects.
Communicator Default View

Preventive Maintenance Task Details View
This area allows a user to create schedules of on-going maintenance projects. Tasks can be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, yearly, etc. Work orders can then be automatically generated on the pre-set schedule. The newly created work orders then show in the Communicator panel.
Predictive Maintenance Task Details View

Dashboard View with Weekly Calendar
The calendar view displays Preventive Management projects.
Dashboard View with Weekly Calendar


• Increases effectiveness of staff through a simple, efficient platform for creating, managing, and reporting on maintenance tasks.
• Client and tenant access allows for tracking and improved documentation.
• Improves productivity by allowing team members to stay informed of current activities and/or future tasks.


• Simple, easy to use interface.
• Scalable, from single building to multi-property portfolios.
• Directed notifications of events and tasks.
• Accessible on any device with an Internet connection.

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Facility Worksite was originally developed by NorthWrite, Inc, of Portland, OR. The technology was acquired by BuildingIQ in 2016.