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HVAC Controls Retro-Commissioning

productmap_icons_v1_HVAC_RetroWith our retro-commissioning service, you’re assured of the optimal configuration of the building HVAC controls system. The service includes assessment, diagnosis, adjustment and validation of HVAC and BMS controls in a building.

BuildingIQ will interview building staff, gather operational BMS data, upload historical consumption data, identify areas for repair and tuning, create audit reports, create action plans, perform accepted adjustments, monitor and confirm resolutions.

HVAC Control Retro-commissioning is a natural first step in implementing Predictive Energy Optimization™ (PEO) at its potential. The learning phase of PEO implementations often uncover deficiencies in the BMS that can and should be addressed with a retro-commissioning project. Insights about the BMS inform the model fueling PEO and other BuildingIQ services.

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