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Automated Measurement & Verification

productmap_icons_notext_v2B_AMVBuildingIQ has shifted the paradigm of Measurement & Verification (M&V) to the cloud. Our solution automates much of the M&V process while providing the necessary transparency for verification and compliance with  the International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP). By leveraging our real-time data collection, data science expertise, and powerful cloud computing, BuildingIQ’s Automated M&V (AM&V) is the first true software-only solution that provides utility-grade reliability, repeatability, and scalability.

Our AM&V supports both Retrofit Isolation (Option B) and Whole Facility (Option C).

This industry first means that building owner/operators can deploy AM&V once —for any number for energy management programs— avoiding cost and complexity in addition to accelerating program velocity. Built on BuildingIQ’s 5i platform, AM&V leverages powerful cloud computing to handle measurement and verification and is supported by our BuildingIQ’s own certified M&V consultants and 3rd-party endorsements.

BuildingIQ AM&V greatly enhances savings resolution while dramatically lowering the margin of error with hourly calculation capabilities. The in-built automation eliminates the error and tedium associated with manual calculations.

Download: Automated M&V datasheet

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