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Energy Worksite

productmap_icons_v1_EnergyWorksiteEnergy Worksite is an analytics tool powered by an advanced algorithm that monitors the energy consumption of a building on an hourly basis. The technology uses energy interval data to automatically detect and provide alerts for anomalies in energy consumption as well as supporting savings impacts. The algorithm automatically creates a model of energy use to predict and alert building operations staff of variances between actual measured consumption and the expected energy calculation. Energy Worksite delivers clear and straightforward reporting, on demand or on a customized schedule. With Energy Worksite, a building manager/operator can get a quick overview of the energy consumption of a building and see if it’s over-consuming, under-consuming, or on target.

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Benchmark panel displays how each building is performing on its own and in comparison to the rest of the portfolio.
Portfolio Benchmark


Schedule Issue
Quick calendar view displays day and time when issues happened.
Scheduling Issue


Cumulative Savings Scorecard View
This view offers a quick snapshot of the current savings in kWh and actual dollars, as well as a percentage.
Cumulative Savings Scorecard View


• Stay on top of energy use with:
— Hourly reporting on the energy use, cost savings, load profiles, and potential peak.
— Customized dashboards that continuously update.
• Fast and easy way to learn if a building is saving or wasting energy.
• Positive evaluation of energy initiatives with measurement and verification.


• Daily Scorecards show energy usage and performance, and energy/dollar savings/costs.
• A modeling algorithm that incorporates interval energy data and weather data then calculates and provides reliable feedback on the performance of a building.
• A simple, graphical interface to easily identify abnormalities or areas for improvement.
• Use of weather data, time of day, and day of week to predict energy use.
• Automatic notifications when consumption or demand levels exceed pre-determined thresholds for immediate detection of operational issues.


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Energy Worksite was originally developed by NorthWrite, Inc., in cooperation with the US Department of Energy, to help improve the energy consumption in commercial buildings. It was recognized in 2008 with the Federal Laboratory Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer. The technology was acquired by BuildingIQ in 2016.