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Predictive Energy Advisor

productmap_icons_notext_v2B_PEABuildingIQ’s Predictive Energy Advisor (PEA) leverages the same advanced learning model as BuildingIQ’s Automated Measurement & Verification (AM&V) and adds weather-adjusted forecast of usage and demand to provide a greater level of insight to facilities teams. PEA delivers a daily report forecasting tomorrow’s energy spend. The hour-by-hour report is provided to the facilities team with the knowledge to control future power usage. PEAreport3

PEA goes beyond a typical energy dashboard with a forward-looking usage prediction based on your building’s historical consumption patterns, normalized for weather.

When combined with an hourly weather forecast, PEA provides a customized and highly accurate energy usage projection for the day ahead.

PEA requires absolutely no on-site installation. Following a quick configuration, you can start receiving Energy Advisor Reports immediately. The analysis found in PEA reporting is often a prelude to implementing Predictive Energy Optimization™ —BuildingIQ’s flagship platform that layers in BMS control to provided fully automated predictive control.

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