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Modules and Enhancements

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DRIQ is a unique approach to commercial building Demand Response (DR) that allows building managers to satisfy event objectives while maintaining occupant comfort. It provides building owners with information about the costs and benefits of meeting DR energy reduction targets, while also ensuring that tenant comfort commitments are met.

To meet the dual objectives of DR targets and comfort, Optimized Demand Response models DR events in addition to building thermal behavior and occupant comfort. This higher level of sophistication in the optimization framework is offered as an extra module to the core platform.

Measurement & Verification (M&V)

M&V is a module within the platform used to accurately measure the savings obtained from the software. To assess BuildingIQ’s effectiveness and determine its value, it is critical customers be able to measure savings. This requires processes and methods that are clear, transparent and robust. The M&V module gives customers a tool to accurately measure and visualize the resulting savings.

M&V uses processes that are well documented and consistent with the industry-standard International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol or IPMVP. To identify savings attributable to the application, evaluators or project stakeholders compare baseline conditions to actual conditions—the past to the present. Results are presented in real-time using online dashboards and reports. The M&V module is included within the standard offering.

Product Sheet: Measurement & Verification Module


The GamePlan module provides a preview of what the optimization system is going to do over the course of the next 24 hours. The information is specific to how the optimization will be done for a particular building. The objective of the GamePlan is to make customers more comfortable allowing BuildingIQ to control their building and to enable them to communicate effectively with other interested or affected parties. The GamePlan is included within the standard offering.

Portfolio Management

BuildingIQ provides a portal for remote building managers to view and operate a portfolio of buildings. This capability is especially important given the number of building engineers currently facing retirement. Using the application, a single engineer can remotely dial into his buildings, and if necessary, make changes to a geographically separated portfolio of properties. Portfolio Management is included within the standard offering.

BuildingIQ Portfolio Management