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Predictive Energy Optimization

productmap_icons_v1_PEOPredictive Energy Optimization™ (PEO) is BuildingIQ’s premier service. PEO is designed to improve the energy efficiency of large, complex buildings, whether commercial, public, or academic. Running as a software-as-service (SaaS), PEO optimizes around system efficiency, occupancy comfort, and lowest cost. Energy reductions in HVAC consumption in the range of 10-25% are typical, with reductions climbing to as high as 40% during operational peaks. The service utilizes the full capabilities of the 5i platform, learning from and adapting to the building and BMS over time.

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The software works with a building’s control system (BMS) to automatically fine-tune temperature and pressure set points. Changes are made at the air handler unit (AHU) level. Typically, the software only needs to communicate with a few points per AHU —so the cost and complexity of deploying our solution is minimal.

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The software automatically and continuously obtains data on the local weather forecast, the occupancy for the building, energy prices, tariffs and demand response signals. Based on those inputs, it runs thousands of simulations to arrive at the most efficient HVAC operating strategy for the next 24 hours. It then communicates to the BMS to make changes at the AHUs. Small changes at the AHUs result in large financial savings without impacting occupant comfort.

Real-time monitoring, weekly and monthly summaries are enhanced with BuildingIQ building expertise to provide deep insight and analysis to facility teams.

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Behind every customer deployment is a remote support team of experienced energy engineers that act as trusted partners for building operators. They monitor system performance and make sure comfort requirements are met. They also are able to identify “energy drain” faults that otherwise would go undetected, and can frequently be fixed remotely, saving customers money on unneeded HVAC.

Learning By Listening

At the core of the solution are sophisticated algorithms, which automatically learn and model the building’s thermal characteristics and usage patterns. The system then adapts to changes in internal or external conditions. As a result, there is no need for engineers to laboriously document or update the technical details of every component of a building’s HVAC system, which is usually required to implement a sophisticated energy optimization solution.

BuildingIQ uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to learn about a building’s energy characteristics. This capability is referred to as Learning by Listening and it significantly reduces the time needed to deploy a solution. After the initial system is deployed and operational, the solution continues to listen and learn and continues to improve the building’s performance.

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