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How BuildingIQ is Installed:

One of the advantages of the solution being delivered using a SaaS platform is that installation is quick and easy. Standard buildings of 100K to 500K sq. ft. typically take 2 to 3 weeks to get the system installed, operational and delivering results. The system requires an additional 4 weeks for tuning and optimization.

The system requires the customer have a functional Building Automation System, an Internet connection, the support of their local maintenance team and contact for their preferred Building Automation service provider.

BIQ Implementation Process

Meter Installation and Integration:

BuildingIQ requires real-time consumption and demand data from the utility providing the service (e.g., electric, natural gas, steam). It can either tap into existing digital metering systems or install new metering.

Building Automation System Connectivity:

The solution is system agnostic and can work with most Building Automation Systems. We use a simple Ethernet connection to connect with BACnet IP. If your system uses another interface we will work with your BMS provider to find an alternative.

Building Automation System Connectivity

How do I buy BuildingIQ?

BuildingIQ is sold as a monthly subscription and aligns with an owner’s operational expense. A solution is generally cash flow positive within a few months and requires little or no upfront capital to get started. If you are ready to get started contact us today by completing this form or if you are in the USA calls us at 1.888.260.4080.

BuildingIQ Call CenterQuick-Start Program:

The solution is installed within days and will be reducing HVAC energy and your workload within weeks. To help you get started, BuildingIQ has rolled out a special Quick-Start Program to reduce your risk and ensure savings. For more information on this program contact us today by completing this form or if you are in the USA calls us at 1.888.260.4080.