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Demand Response

productmap_icons_v1_DemandResponseBuildingIQ provides a technology-enabled managed service approach for commercial buildings to enable owner/operators to participate, and take full benefit from, utility driven demand response programs simply, easily, repeatedly, and measurably.

Demand Response is akin to a specialized form of Predictive Energy Optimization™ (PEO), supplanting normal —shifting the balanced approach of PEO to energy optimization to a more aggressive time, based curtailment strategy that still seeks to optimize comfort. Unlike other DR solutions, BuildingIQ’s Demand Response automatically controls the BMS automatically down to the zone— accounting for the learning models for the building’s thermal behavior, BMS capabilities, and tenant comfort.

With BuildingIQ’s Demand Response you get:

  • Automatic and intelligent creation and execution of control strategies before, during, and after the DR event ensure curtailment targets
  • Adherence to occupant comfort commitment
  • Autonomous response to OpenADR calls
  • Operators who can choose to manually schedule DR events
  • Opt-out decisions for any sub-set of zones or at the building level

The underlying 5i Platform’s sophisticated Automated Measurement & Verification capabilities can be configured to measure demand reduction using agreed upon methodologies with the utility.

DOWNLOAD: Demand Response Datasheet

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