Facility Worksite

Facility Worksite streamlines the day-to-day management of facilities-related activities for a single property or a portfolio of buildings. Any member of a Facilities team, for example, can track all the projects related with the sites at the various stages of completion, associated costs, equipment, the team member responsible, dates, milestones, and related external vendors. External vendors can also be easily added to the platform —as users— so that they can add information directly into the projects and provide updates.

Energy Worksite

Energy Worksite is an analytics tool powered by an advanced algorithm that monitors the energy consumption of a building on an hourly basis. The technology uses energy interval data to automatically detect and provide alerts for anomalies in energy consumption as well as supporting savings impacts. The algorithm automatically creates a model of energy use to predict and alert building operations staff of variances between actual measured consumption and the expected energy calculation. Energy Worksite delivers clear and straightforward reporting, on demand or on a customized schedule. With Energy Worksite, a building manager/operator can get a quick overview of the energy consumption of a building and see if it’s over-consuming, under-consuming, or on target.

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