BuildingIQ’s suite of services are the result of our market approach to providing a better Building Internet of Things (BIoT) solution for owner/operators. All BuildingIQ services are built on a common platform. With BuidlingIQ, our clients deploy once and choose the services that meet their needs today —and in the future.

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5i Intelligent Energy Platform

BuildingIQ’s technology and service platform is built on the five pillars of data capture analysis, advanced modeling, measurement & verification, closed loop predictive control, and expert human analysis. These five pillars enable our services to deliver an optimized balance of energy savings, operational efficiency, and tenant comfort. Our platform ingests multiple, large and disparate data streams from buildings, meters, and other data sources; it then translates and models, and performs predictive analytics to inform our —and our partners’— services.

The 5i Platform’s structured API fuels BuildingIQ services as well as those from our technology partners. Over time, the platform leverages machine learning to evolve along with our customers’ buildings.

BuildingIQ's 5 Pillars

SaaS Solutions and Managed Services

Our services can be deployed selectively to meet the needs of any building across any size portfolio or geography. Services that power our solutions range from ticket management, to retro-commissioning, to closed loop control that tunes your building’s HVAC settings every four hours.

Facility Worksite for fast work order ticket and intuitive scheduling.
Systems Enablement professional services.
Comfort Command for outsourced hot/cold calls.
HVAC Controls Retro-Commissioning for a full service HVAC controls tune-up.
HVAC Continuous Commissioning for optimized HVAC controls and BMS performance.
Energy Worksite baselining, measuring and managing facilities led energy initiatives.
Predictive Energy Advisor for actionable, weather-normalized 24-hr energy forecasts.
Automated Measurement & Verification for repeatable, utility-grade measurement & verification of initiatives.

Demand Response for automated managed energy curtailment programs.
Predictive Energy Optimization™ for a learning, closed-loop service, informed with building expertise, that continually optimizes heating and cooling operations.