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Building Operations

Big data, AI driven re-commissioning and managed continuous commissioning help tune and operate buildings as only BuildingIQ's take on the BIoT can.

Smart Tune

Data analytics-driven HVAC re-commissioning for smarter, better system tune ups.

Our data-driven retro-commissioning services ensure the optimal configuration of the HVAC control system. Smart Tune projects range from system overhauls to specific, tactical improvements to the existing BMS. Smart Tune service projects are founded on data and data analysis that augment the human expertise driven elements of site assessment, diagnosis, adjustment and on-site validation of HVAC and BMS controls in a building.

HVAC control retro-commissioning is a natural step on the journey toward building efficiency. Smart Tune project make that step more meaningful by ensuring that the commissioning work is done correctly, and with an eye toward a potential future that includes fully autonomous, predictive control.

Predictive Intelligence

Data-driven building HVAC management for zero drift in a modern age.

Managed Continuous Commissioning leverages the predictive analytics engine for the BuildingIQ's 5i platform and our network operations center to give your facility team the information they need to better manage the building. 24/7 oversight means our NOC team tracks your building's data to identify issues, and diagnose them.

Armed with an advanced model of the building's energy behavior and predictive analytics, Predictive Intelligence is a more intelligent way of performing continuous commissioning. The underlying 5i platform adds the power of big data analytics to allow facility teams to focus more of their time to take care of their tenants.

BuildingIQ Subscriptions

Ready to Get Started?

BuildingIQ's services are sold as a monthly subscription. It is generally cash flow positive within the first year of implementation and requires minimum upfront capital to get started.