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Webinar: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Commercial Real Estate – How Close are We?

Thursday, November 9, 2017

9:30am – 11:00am PST | 12:30 - 2:00 pm EST

Hosted By: Realcomm

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been featured in many science fiction movies, including 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Matrix, RoboCop, and Ex Machina. Some would remind us that futuristic movies often come true, and that is the case with AI. Recently a top team of Google AI specialists beat the Korean Go Champion four out of five times. Beyond this stunning victory, we also see Artificial Intelligence finding its way into phones, autonomous cars, office functions and more. With AI proving it is a viability technology, what does this mean for Commercial and Corporate Real Estate? This webinar will examine to what extent our industry is adopting AI.

OnDemand Webinars

Becoming a BuildingIQ Partner –Why and How

Duration: 36:00 mins

Steve Nguyen, VP Product & Marketing, BuildingIQ
Terrence McManus, VP Business Development, BuildingIQ

Building Internet of Things (IoT) –Case Studies at the Edge

Duration: 99:28 mins

Scott Collins, Project Executive, Bedrock
Michael Osment, SVP, CIO/CTO, Taubman Centers
Vladi Shunturov, Co-Founder & President, Lucid
Steve Nguyen, VP, Product & Marketing, BuildingIQ
Srini Khandavilli, IoT/SMART Program Director, Intel
Todd Frederes, Business Development Manager, Cisco Systems

Tom Schircliff, Co-Founder, IntelligentBuildings

Energy Savings Solutions for Community Colleges

Duration: 41:38 mins

Stephen Bell, Executive Director, IGEN
Dan Docel, Director of Sales, Midwest Region, BuildingIQ
Andy Stein, LEED AP O+M, ConneXion

Steve Nguyen, Sr. Director, Marketing, BuildingIQ

Incentives for Deploying Optimization Services in New York State

Duration: 41:09 mins

Joshua Clyburn, Project Manager, NYSERDA
Teddy Kisch, Senior Project Manager, Energy Solutions
Kevin Debasitis, Utility Commercial Solutions, BuildingIQ

Steve Nguyen, Sr. Director, Marketing, BuildingIQ

Energy Efficiency in a Smart City – The Results

Duration: 44.42 mins

Zach Dobelbower, Program Manager Sustainability + Energy, DC Department of General Services
Zach Wilson, Energy Conservation Consultant, New City Energys
Derek Johnson, VP Client Solutions Delivery and Support, BuildingIQ

Steve Nguyen, Sr. Director, Marketing, BuildingIQ

St. Vincent's Hospital - A Case Study

Duration: 54.32 mins

Roy Arindam, National Director of Sales- Australia, BuildingIQ
Nicolas Durr, Operation Manager, Entro.py


An Award Winning Implementation at ATP/NICTA

Duration: 47.22 mins

Roy Arindam, National Director of Sales- Australia, BuildingIQ
Craig Dickson, Facilities Manager, Australian Technology Park
Harley Imber, Facilities Coordinator, Australian Technology Park